Step by Step process for adding website to Search Console by Surat Training

  • Go Search Console
  • Please note, search console is also known as webmaster
  • Sign in to your google account
  • Once you login to search console you will get option to add property
  • In Poprerty Box add your website
  • PLease note, only add that version that you want to google to take it can be www or non wwww
  • If you are website owner then upload the file given by Google so that it should not fire 404 error
  • Currenttly its 404 error because we have not added file to our website
  • So lets add file to our website and for that you would need access to cpanel or filezilla
  • I will do through Cpanel:
  • Go to your Cpanel or hosting account
  • SO we are in Cpanel now
  • Go to Filemanager of your domain
  • Once you reach on your domian file manager then upload the file given by search console
  • File has been inserted
  • So basciall URl will not give 404
  • Since you made this URl working then it proves you have access to website
  • You can check by clicking on google link weather link is working or not
  • Then Click Verify and you would see messege appearing on your screen that
    Congratulations, you have successfully verified your ownership of
  • Thank you..This is how you can add website in search console
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