Step by Step How to install wordpress on wamp server?

  • How To Install WordPress in Wamp
  • Start wamp server
  • After starting make sure green icon appears on your screen
  • Now to go to wamp folder and then www folder
  • Create a folder for a website that need to be created
  • check wamp is running or not by ttypeing localhost on browser
  • Now download wordpress and put in your proeject folder
  • Its Showing zip file
  • Extract the zip file
  • put all wordpres files in main project folder
  • Now type in browser localhost/projectfolder
  • create database by going in phpmyadmin
  • Come back to wordpress installation page and insert database name which was created in wamp
  • Database username will be root
  • Password will be blank
  • Click submit
  • Now put anything site title
  • Put the user name and password you need to while accessing backend
  • click submit
  • go back to browser and and type in url lcoalhost/yourproejctfolder and you can see your website
  • You can go in backend by typing in browser lcoalhost/yourproejctfolder/wp-admin

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Video By Jeeten Kushwaha

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