7 On Page SEO Hacks That Will Improve Your Website Ranking

The Internet has become an essential part of our lifestyles. We rely on the Internet for so many reasons and people from all generational groupings excessively use the Internet. This is exactly why we have steady subscriptions to high-speed Internet services, such asTDS Service in every modern household. Do you know that almost 93% of the Internet experiences involve a search engine? And it doesn’t seem to change anytime soon. If you are entertaining the idea of building your own website, we would recommend that instead of working hard on dazzling images, catchy content, and impressive search bars, make SEO (search engine optimization) your top priority. Because at the end of the day, it’s the traffic that is coming to your website that is important. If there are no visitors on your site and they can’t  find it, what’s the use of having that fancy site?

You need to rank your website higher than your competitive websites on Google. Gone are the days when digital marketers who are aspiring to make a mark could guarantee a top position with some simple hacks and moves. Nowadays, search engine optimization has thoroughly evolved and it emulates a real-world marketing now. Modern SEO is very dynamic and that’s the beauty of it. Have a subscription to one of the TDS Customer Support and keep yourself updated with the new SEO strategies. Let’s enlighten you with some of the effective SEO hacks to improve your website ranking.

Keyword Research


Since we are talking about improving site’s ranking and SEO hacks here, know that the famous aphorism, ‘if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail’ is quite true. For an effective SEO campaign, keyword research plays a pivotal role and builds a strong foundation. You need to essentially know how Google’s algorithm ranks pages.in On-page content, for instance, keywords play a significant role in determining how Google views the website. Optimizing keywords in your content is very important and it has to appeal two audiences. First being Google Search Algorithms and second is the actual audience, the real visitors that are searching online. Strike the right balance between creating engaging, high-quality content and keyword-optimized content. You need to create content that flows well with keywords placed naturally.

Create High-Quality Content

high-quality-contentWe already know, ‘Content is the king’.Producing high-quality and engaging content is perhaps the most significant SEO tip. You have to come up with unique, clear, purposeful and creative content that successfully catches the attention of the audience. It has to be an interesting read, while clearly addressing about your products and customers’ queries. You have to comprehensively address all the interests of your audience and readers and meet their expectations through your content. Also, add useful resources to benefit your audience. Copy and paste strategies won’t pay off. Be original when it comes to the content!

Page-Formatting Should be prim and proper


Take all the due time to format your page because it is going to pay off quite well. Make create, eye-catching, and professional layouts. Organize them intelligently and make them vivid, neat, and clutter-free. This will facilitate the visitor’s navigation and that means they will spend more time on your page and your message will be effectively delivered. Pay attention to the tiny details of Font size and color and so on. Italicize and make the content bold where needed. Add checklists and bullet points to make it more catchy. A clean and catchy format will definitely increase your ranking.

Add Images along with the Text

image-alt-tagsEven if you have come up with some most amazing piece of writing as your content, it’s all written content and when a user opens a site, it doesn’t catch the attention for a long while. Adding images to your content is a great hack, not only to make your site attractive but you can improve SEO ranking by optimizing images. Images also provide a chance to add extra keywords on your page. You can name images according to your keywords.

Improve the Loading Speed of Your Page


Google is there to watch you! If your page is slow, Google is going to reduce your ranking. Also, visitors are not going to wait for your page to load up when there is a good number of competitive sites out there. Generally, visitors leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to completely load. And once gone, it is pretty evident that those users won’t come back to the same website. Add images and headers because they count more than text when a site is being loaded. If you improve these things on your site, Google’s algorithm will essentially recognize the changes and will accordingly adjust your search ranking.

Add Header Tags, Bullet points, and Checklists in Your Content


Viewers can find it off-putting if they have to read through huge chunks of monotonous text. They feel as if they are bombarded with extensive texts and they have to read carefully through it. Hence discouraged, they move to an alternative site that offers brief content. This can drastically reduce your search ranking. Create approachable formats and small amounts of texts that give the gist of the all the extensive information out there. Adding headers, bullet points, and checklists is a great idea to let your visitors swiftly go through the website. This hack will definitely pay off in ranking.

Encourage Social Media Sharing


We all know the potential of social media marketing. Brands and entrepreneurs have recognized this massive potential and have made use of it to raise awareness about their brand. Social media can be used to enhance SEO ranking. People on social media love to share and the number of Pinterest pins, Facebook shares, Regrams, and Tweets can influence the SEO ranking directly. Here’s a simple hack, add sharing buttons on your website and make it more user-friendly.
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